Nowadays, mobile users spend ninety per cent of their time on various apps. As one of the Android app developers, you may think that you will easily be able to grab their attention. However, there are several other app developers, making their effort to gain the best position in the Play Store.

You may have successfully launched your apps. Now, it is the right time to think of post-launch tactics to increase the number of downloads. Choose the ways for promoting your Android app organically. Millions of apps are available at present. An average Smartphone user has more than thirty apps. So, here are a few most effective techniques that will help you in this connection in the long run.

Search advertising- Rely on it for promoting your app

The search ads are the best tools to publicize your app. They are also effective at increasing the number of downloads. One of the surveys from Google has revealed twenty-seven per cent of mobile users look for apps using their search engines. The search ads are reachable to the users, having an intention to purchase the apps. The search ads drive the users to the app download page.

Thus, to start the search advertising campaign, you have to focus on Google Adwords. Now, make the right setup for tracking conversion. You will be able to find the number of installs and downloads. These are the significant metrics to know the performance of your app and the effectiveness of your marketing. Then, you can think of refining your ad content. With minimal investment, you may target the users very easily.

Users’ feedback- Encourage it more

You may have been successful in attracting a few users to your app. Now, ask them to write a short review of your app. This will help you in drawing more users for your Android app.

More than eighty per cent of app users trusts genuine online reviews. These reviews will give you value by increasing your Android app loyalty, engagement and credibility. Let your Android users appreciate your product. You will get positive reviews from them.

Apart from requesting reviews, you have several other tasks to do. You have to post new updates and please your users with the special updates. You can do these things through in-app notifications. However, make sure that you are sending a permission-based notification. While you are overdoing the push notifications, it may affect your app negatively. You can give an option to the users to deactivate the notification at any time and for any reason.

Customer assistance for twenty-four hours

This is one of the best post-launch tactics for app developers. Better customer support helps you to reduce the number of negative reviews of your app. Your constant customer assistance for the app users is highly essential to retain their loyalty. The users may have several queries on your new app. You have to give them a chance for communicating with you to solve their issues. You can add a button for sending feedback. Connect the button to your social media page or email.

Facebook and Twitter are the common channels to interact with your Android app users. You can try to display the comments, likes and shares on the social pages. This will help you in increasing the number of downloads of your Android app. However, while any of your users has asked you questions, you must try to respond to them within an hour.

User retention and engagement

You have to check out the app interface design to retain the highest number of users. Your app has to continue stimulating your users for downloading it. Keep up the optimal performance level of the app.

Send the most effective emails

Rely on the potential of emails to value your customers. Personalize your promotional emails and send the best content to the recipients. The generic emails will not give you the best result.

Thus, we have talked about the post-launch Android app marketing tactics. Your responsibility is not over after launching your mobile app. You have to do several things to sustain the performance of your app. Your ongoing effort to market your Android app will help you to have success. While you leave your app after launching it, you will not have the best outcome.